Pavers: Frequently Asked Questions


What are pavers made of?

Interlocking concrete and precast concrete pavers are made out of cement and rock materials known as fine and course aggregate.  The volume of aggregate is modified to determine concrete paver finishes and color pigment is added before concrete pavers are poured into various standard shapes and sizes.  See our other Pavers FAQs to learn more about pavers.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, all paving stone manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee against cracking and breaking.


If the stain is one or two pavers, replacing them with new pavers is the easiest way. Depending on the paver, some can be flipped over rather than replaced. Many suppliers of concrete pavers offer cleaners especially made for removing stains and for overall cleaning of the surface.

Can the edges of the interlocking paving stones be curved?

Yes! Your interlocking paving stones are easily shaped to fit any design, including steps, walls, and curves!


How long do pavers last?

According to most manufacturers – pavers are made to last a lifetime.


Concrete is subject to frequent cracking in a seismic area such as Southern California.  Pavers are durable, flexible and resistant to UV light and weather cycles. They are slip resistant, easily repaired and maintenance is minimal.  The options of customizing with pavers is limitless while concrete has no options to customize.

Can You Drive Heavy Vehicles Over Pavers?

Yes! A well compacted and intelligently designed driveway can withstand incredible traffic and heavy loads. Like a sturdy house, a sturdy driveway begins at the foundation. Simply inform us at the beginning of the job of highly trafficked areas or weight concerns, and Genesis will take care of the rest!

How long do I have to wait to drive/walk on my interlocking paving stones after they’re installed?

That’s the best part, there’s no down time required! You can walk and drive on your interlocking pavers right away.


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